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DANCING W PIˇTEK!!! 20.09.2019

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DANCING W PIˇTEK!!! 13.09.2019

Zapraszamy na godz 20.00

wej¶ciówki 10 zł / os.

rezerwacje stolików -  codziennie od godz. 11.00  pod nr tel. 84 688 40 37

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Nadrzecze village is a magic place. Here is located Nadrzecze Restaurant - over the river, among forest, in beautiful surroundings. Everyone who will come to this lovely place find the hospitality. It is a pleasure to take a rest in this lovely area and enjoy  the relaxation in the open nature.

Picturesquely situated Restaurant it’s also wonderful place to organize wedding party, banquet, training meeting, conference, integration meeting for firms and enterprises.

Visiting Nadrzecze Restaurant you can be delighted by lovely and unique kitchen. Each meal is prepared under the supervision of chef and made by professional and certified cooks. Meals are made directly before served with fresh products , that makes that every meal have unique taste and memorable flavor.

The cuisine of Narzecze Restaurant offer wide range of dishes, snack and desserts. We guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves.