2019-09-17 13:22:05

DANCING W PIˇTEK!!! 20.09.2019

2019-09-10 16:03:53

DANCING W PIˇTEK!!! 13.09.2019

Zapraszamy na godz 20.00

wej¶ciówki 10 zł / os.

rezerwacje stolików -  codziennie od godz. 11.00  pod nr tel. 84 688 40 37

pozostałe aktualno¶ci


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We recommend varied and exquisite menu. We hope that our kitchen menu will satisfy even the most  seasoned gourmets.

In our restaurant we will prepare each family celebrations. We can compose exquisite and unique menu. We will provide friendly and professional service. During the season we offer “forest horseshoe”, where on the fresh air you can organize bonfire and barbecue with music.

In season  we invite also to summer garden.