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DANCING W PIˇTEK!!! 20.09.2019

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DANCING W PIˇTEK!!! 13.09.2019

Zapraszamy na godz 20.00

wej¶ciówki 10 zł / os.

rezerwacje stolików -  codziennie od godz. 11.00  pod nr tel. 84 688 40 37

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Nadrzecze Motel  has 18  rooms for two- three- and four- people in this two apartments.  Every room is equipped in own, independent bathroom appendix.

All rooms are equipped in: receivers with satellite TV and internet access.

Our gift for young couples is apartment on “after wedding” night.

  • single room (100 PLN with breakfast)
  • twin room (160 PLN with breakfast)
  • three person room (190 PLN with breakfast)
  • four person room (220 PLN with breakfast)
  • mini apartment (110 PLN with breakfast;  180 PLN two person with breakfast)


During whole year the guests have three houses at its own disposal. The houses have separate, monitored parking. The guests who living in houses are having possibility to fishing in ponds which are close situated.

In every house You can find:

  • living room ( here can sleep 4 person) with kitchen and full equipment,
  • bathroom,
  • 3 bedrooms,
  • receivers with satellite TV,
  • fireplace,
  • terrace with convivial table,
  • place for bonfire and barbecue